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Princess Britney

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 65 ft.
Max Depth: 90 ft.

    The 165-foot freighter, Princess Britney, was donated by Customs and Border Protection to the Miami-Dade Artificial Reef Program and now lies 90 feet below the surface of the water. She lies about 3.5 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne. This ship was seized in 2002 during Operation River Walk when more than 70 kilograms of cocaine were found hidden inside. The expected value of these drugs was $1.3 million. This is a new wreck which was sunk in 2003 and has not had much time to form a reef. However, sea life immediately found this wreck and made it their new home. Barracudas in large numbers and giant basket stars are a couple of the organisms that are often seen by divers who explore this site.

    Waypoint: PRBRIT Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.7004833333333 -80.0868333333333

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