Naples Dive Spots

  • Black Hole

    Black Hole

    65 - 224 ft.

    Black Hole is a drowned sinkhole 65 feet below the surface of the ocean. The entrance is nearly 100 feet in diameter and the limestone shaft plunges to depths of 224 feet.

  • Collier 5 Mile Reef

    Collier 5 Mile Reef

    30 - 32 ft.

    Made up primarily of concrete pilings and barges, this 100'x175' artificial reef site has been attracting many types of sea life.

  • Fantastico


    100 - 115 ft.

    While carrying a load of fertilizer from Miami to Tampa, the 200 foot Honduran freighter Fantastico sunk in March 1993 as a result of the No Name Storm of 1993.

  • Isabell


    50 - 58 ft.

    Resting on the bottom under 58 feet of water lie the broken remains of the old shrimp boat, Isabell.

  • Kidd Wreck

    Kidd Wreck

    15 - 25 ft.

    In 1987, this 85 foot barge sank in 45 feet of water. This is a great site to see goliath grouper, snapper, and barracuda.

  • Mine Sweeper

    Mine Sweeper

    35 - 40 ft.

    Located 11 miles west of Gordon Pass, this 60 foot vessel now lies in pieces under 40 feet of water.

  • Naples Barge

    Naples Barge

    25 - 32 ft.

    Located 5.5 miles west of Gordon Pass, this once active construction barge is now part of an artificial reef system. Plenty of fish swim about the wreck.

  • Naples Ledges

    Naples Ledges

    30 - 30 ft.

    The four to six foot ledges of this site contain a series of ledges, cracks, and holes that are loaded with fish life including many varieties of grouper and snapper.

  • Santa Lucia

    Santa Lucia

    20 - 24 ft.

    In 1994, 29 refugees fleeing Cuba used the Santa Lucia, a 47 foot turtle boat, for their voyage to the United States. In 1997 the vessel was towed to sea to become part of and artificial reef site.

  • Tea Cup Ledges

    Tea Cup Ledges

    30 - 30 ft.

    With ledges running from one to three feet high, this is a large area of abundant marine life, soft corals, and sponge bottoms.

  • Tower


    35 - 35 ft.

    This 70 foot military navigational tower rests in 35 feet of water.