Panama City Dive Spots

  • Benjamin H. Grierson (Liberty Ship)

    Benjamin H. Grierson (Liberty Ship)

    60 - 77 ft.

    One of many Liberty Ships built during World War II, the Grierson was sunk in 1977 as an artificial reef. She lies just over 7 miles west of the St. Andrews Jetties.

  • Black Bart

    Black Bart

    65 - 75 ft.

    This artificial reef is a great site for wreck training and photography. There is a lot of superstructure to explore and plenty of fish to observe.

  • Chickasaw


    75 - 77 ft.

    This 107-foot tug lies in 75 feet of water and is home to huge schools of baitfish. This is an excellent dive close to shore.

  • Commander


    80 - 96 ft.

    A mooring buoy marks the spot of this 65-foot tug wreck. This is a favorite spot of photographers.

  • E. E. Simpson Tug

    E. E. Simpson Tug

    18 - 20 ft.

    While attempting to rescue a schooner that had run aground, the E.E. Simpson succumbed to bad weather and sank in 20 feet of water just off the old East Pass to St. Andrew Bay.

  • Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost

    105 - 110 ft.

    This 105-foot steel-hull tug was deployed on the edge of a natural limestone reef and has a large amount of marine life. This is a popular spot for fishermen and underwater photographers.

  • Leroy


    100 - 120 ft.

    The Leroy was originally a revenue cutter named Samuel Dexter. The Dexter ws renamed Leroy and became a tug with a Towing Company in 1908. She sank off Cape San Blas in a storm in 1926.

  • Life Boats

    Life Boats

    20 - 28 ft.

    Life Boats is a shallow, easy wreck dive inside St. Andrews Bay.

  • Spanish Shanty Barge

    Spanish Shanty Barge

    20 - 20 ft.

    This 150 foot wreck, also known as "Tar Barge", sits in 20 feet of water off Shell Island in St. Andrews Bay.

  • Tarpon


    90 - 95 ft.

    After more than 30 years of service transporting cargo from Mobile to St. Andrew Bay, the Tarpon sank in 90 feet of water. Today the Tarpon is an Underwater Archaeological Preserve.

  • USS Chippewa

    USS Chippewa

    70 - 100 ft.

    This 205-foot working tug served in the Caribbean in the 1940s before assignment to the Navy's Experimental Dive Unit in 1989. She was deployed as an artificial reef in 1990 and is one of the largest wrecks in Bay County's artificial reef program.

  • USS Strength

    USS Strength

    65 - 76 ft.

    The Strength served as a minesweeper in the Pacific during World War II and after being used to train Navy divers, she was deployed as an artificial reef in 1987. Strength is a popular dive spot less than six miles from the St. Andrews Jetties.