Pensacola Dive Spots

  • Brass Wreck

    Brass Wreck

    90 - 95 ft.

    This spot is a classic shipwreck of a 19th Century schooner in 95 feet of water. A large variety of marine life inhabitat the area.

  • Catherine


    15 - 15 ft.

    The Catherine is a shallow wreck offshore of Santa Rosa Island in the Pensacola area. The ship sank in 1894. A section of hull and debris is all that remains.

  • Chevron Oil Rig

    Chevron Oil Rig

    85 - 137 ft.

    This retired oil platform was donated by Chevron Oil Company as part of the Rigs to Reefs program in 1993.

  • Joseph E. Brown (Liberty Ship)

    Joseph E. Brown (Liberty Ship)

    90 - 95 ft.

    This Liberty ship was built in Savannah, Georgia during World War II. She was sunk in 1977 to form an artificial reef.

  • Joseph L. Meek (Liberty Ship)

    Joseph L. Meek (Liberty Ship)

    75 - 95 ft.

    This Liberty Ship served as a transport ship during World War II. She was sunk offshore of Pensacola in 1976 by the Department of Commerce in order to create a sport fishing and diving area.

  • Navy Dive Tender YDT-14

    Navy Dive Tender YDT-14

    75 - 95 ft.

    The Navy Dive Tender YDT-14, a 132' steel ship, was scuttled on April 1, 2000, approximately 18 miles SE of Pensacola Pass, Escambia County, Florida.

  • Pete Tide II

    Pete Tide II

    80 - 102 ft.

    This ship was sunk as an artificial reef in 1993. Depths range from 60-102 feet and large schools of fish frequent the area.

  • San Pablo / Russian Freighter

    San Pablo / Russian Freighter

    75 - 85 ft.

    This 315 foot long merchant steamer was hit by torpedoes form a U-boat in 1942. She was towed to this site and used for target practice and then later sunk by explosion. The wreckage lies in about 80 feet of water.

  • Soule Barge

    Soule Barge

    70 - 83 ft.

    Steel towers were welded to this barge before sinking to form an artificial reef. The open towers attract a large amount of fish.

  • Sylvia (Tug)

    Sylvia (Tug)

    75 - 82 ft.

    This small tug was sunk in 1990. Sylvia is a favorite dive spot because of the variety and quantity of fish that reside around th etug.

  • Tenneco Oil Rig (Pensacola)

    Tenneco Oil Rig (Pensacola)

    100 - 175 ft.

    As part of the Rigs to Reef program, Tenneco donated this obsolete oil rig to Escambia County for use as an artificial reef.

  • Tessie


    65 - 77 ft.

    Flounder are often found in this artificial reef site that includes a 40-foot cabin cruiser, various parts from four cars, and assorted concrete pipes.

  • Tex Edwards Barge

    Tex Edwards Barge

    60 - 75 ft.

    Considered by many to be one of the safest dives in Pensacola, this barge is home to numerous species of fish.

  • Three Coal Barges

    Three Coal Barges

    40 - 50 ft.

    These three barges lie end-to-end in water less than 50 feet deep. A variety of marine life inhabitat the area.

  • Tug Born Again

    Tug Born Again

    55 - 95 ft.

    This tug was sunk in 1991 and has already attracted large numbers of jacks, snapper and grouper.

  • USS Massachusetts

    USS Massachusetts

    20 - 30 ft.

    Commissioned on June 10, 1896, the Massachusetts was a huge 350-foot steam-powered battleship launched in an era still dominated by wooden ships. She was dedicated as an underwater archaeological preserve on June 10, 1993.

  • USS Oriskany

    USS Oriskany

    130 - 200 ft.

    The world's largest intentionally created artificial reef lies 22 miles off the coast of Pensacola. The old aircraft carrier is being called the "Great Carrier Reef".