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Brass Wreck

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.4545
Average Depth: 90 ft.
Max Depth: 95 ft.

    This wreck is an unidentified 250 foot wooden hulled schooner from the 19th Century. The remains of the ship lie in 90-95 feet of water about 15 miles ESE from Pensacola Pass. The wreck's name comes from the many large brass pins that stick out from the ship's ribs like tree limbs. Based on the size of the ship, it is believed that the vessel once weighed over one thousand tons and had four masts.

    The wreck includes the ships iron ribs, ballast, four-by-eight windlass, a pile of chain, and two large anchors. Flounder, grouper, and snapper swim amongst the wreckage while amberjack and barracuda linger above. This is a popular spot because of the variety of marine life.

    Waypoint: BRASSW Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 30.2142166666667 -87.0536

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