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Chevron Oil Rig

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.1667
Average Depth: 85 ft.
Max Depth: 137 ft.

    In 1979, petroleum companies began a "Rigs to Reef" program in which retired natural gas and oil structures (platforms) were placed in designated offshore sites to create artificial reefs. The open structure of these old rigs have proved to be very effective in attracting fish.

    The Chevron rig is two platform jackets that were donated by the Chevron Oil Company and deployed in 1993. The two sections sit side by side at a depth of 137 feet. The structure rises 50-80 feet off the bottom. The structures attract a tremendous amount of marine life making it a spectacular dive and fishing site as well as a favorite for lobster hunters.

    Waypoint: CHVOIL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 30.0707333333333 -87.0353

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