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Tenneco Oil Rig (Pensacola)

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.5714
Average Depth: 100 ft.
Max Depth: 175 ft.

    After a 275 mile journey atop a barge, two massive 500 ton structures were used to create an artificial reef, the first to be done using a complete platform. The two rigs, a gift from the Tenneco Oil Company, were sunk in 175 feet of water. Depths along the rig range from 90 to 175 feet and visibility is often close to 100 feet.

    This is a favorite site for spearfisherman and lobster hunters as the Tenneco rigs attract a wide variety of marine life. This is also a favorite training site for technical dive courses.

    Waypoint: TENPEN Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 29.99555 -87.0851833333333

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