Tampa / St. Petersburg Dive Spots

  • Blackthorn


    65 - 80 ft.

    This popular wreck was scuttled after a collision with a freighter in the Tampa port channel. A large amount of marine life frequents the wreck.

  • Gunsmoke


    70 - 80 ft.

    This old shrimper was once used to smuggle marijuana. Gunsmoke sank in 1977 and lies in 80 feet of water about 20 miles offshore.

  • Indian Shores Reef

    Indian Shores Reef

    40 - 46 ft.

    This artificial reef was started more than 30 years ago and has developed extensive marine life. It includes a barge and two World War II Navy Landing Ships.

  • Sheridan


    50 - 80 ft.

    The Sheridan is one of the most popular wrecks in the Pinellas #2 Artificial Reef Site. The tug is upright and all sections can be explored. Great site to spot Goliath Grouper.

  • South County Artificial Reef

    South County Artificial Reef

    30 - 45 ft.

    This artificial reef site was developed in 2001-2003 and consists of tons of concrete rubble piles and a 100-year-old tug named Orange. The site is well-marked with buoys and home to large amounts of fish.

  • St. Pete Beach Reef

    St. Pete Beach Reef

    30 - 35 ft.

    St. Pete Beach Reef is the most southern artificial reef location in Pinellas County. The reef was begun with bridge sections in 1976, a barge in 1984, and ten tanks were added in 1995.

  • Tug Orange

    Tug Orange

    40 - 45 ft.

    The Tug Orange is the highlight of the South County Artificial Reef. This 100-year-old tug was sunk in 2003 and is home to a variety of game fish.