West Palm Beach Dive Spots

  • Amarilys


    70 - 90 ft.

    The freighter Amarilys was sunk in 1968 as part of Palm Beach County's Artificial Reef Program and now lies in 85 feet of water about a mile northeast of the Palm Beach Inlet.

  • Bath & Tennis

    Bath & Tennis

    50 - 65 ft.

    In bright sunshine Bath & Tennis reef becomes alive with colors. Broken edges and stretches of ridges provide areas for schools of fish and lobsters to reside.

  • Breaker's Shallow

    Breaker's Shallow

    30 - 35 ft.

    Breaker's Reef is an excellent drift dive area running nearly two miles north and south with dramatic undercut ledges, overhangs, and swim-throughs.

  • Cable Crossing

    Cable Crossing

    20 - 30 ft.

    This reef takes its name from the large communication cable that runs through the area. The reef lies in 25 feet of water and consists of a series of 4- to 5-foot ledges and mini caves.

  • Eidsvag & Owens

    Eidsvag & Owens

    80 - 90 ft.

    The 125-foot freighter Owens and the 150-foot freighter Eidsvag were sunk in 1985 to create an artifical reef.

  • Flower Gardens

    Flower Gardens

    50 - 70 ft.

    The Flower Gardens are located 4.25 nautical miles south of the Palm Beach Inlet. Sponges and corals along with schools of grunts help to make this dive filled with life.

  • Gilbert Sea

    Gilbert Sea

    75 - 90 ft.

    The ship was seized as part of Operation Riverwalk and is now part of Governor's Riverwalk Reef. The wreck lies in 90 feet of water.

  • Horseshoe Reef

    Horseshoe Reef

    40 - 60 ft.

    Horseshoe Reef is a ledge system popular with drift divers.

  • Mizpah


    75 - 90 ft.

    The 185-foot Greek Luxury liner Mizpah was sunk in 1968 to serve as an artificial reef and fish preserve. She lies upright and intact in 90 feet of water.

  • Murphy's Barge

    Murphy's Barge

    80 - 90 ft.

    Sunk in 1985 as part of Palm Beach County's Artificial Reef Site 2, Murphy's Barge lies 15 feet from the bow of the Eidsvag.

  • Paul's Reef

    Paul's Reef

    45 - 55 ft.

    Paul's Reef is one of the most pristine and enjoyable drift dives in Palm Beach.

  • Playpen


    60 - 80 ft.

    Playpen (a.k.a., Tri-County Artificial Reef) is an artificial reef created with concrete culverts, junction boxes and old cement lightposts. The area is a labyrinth of tunnels, ledges, and holes full of marine life.

  • Princess Anne

    Princess Anne

    80 - 100 ft.

    The Princess Anne is a 350-foot car ferry sunk in 1993 in 100 feet of water which offers an excellent multilevel dive profile.

  • Rolls Royce

    Rolls Royce

    80 - 90 ft.

    Where else but off West Palm Beach can you find a Rolls Royce artificial reef?

  • Shasha Boekanier

    Shasha Boekanier

    80 - 90 ft.

    The ship was siezed as part of Operation Riverwalk and sunk in 2002 in 90' of water.

  • Simpson's Barge

    Simpson's Barge

    70 - 80 ft.

    Simpson's Barge rests in 80 feet of water and its walls rise six to eight feet. This is an excellent dive for a curious diver in search of beautiful sea life.

  • South Double Ledges

    South Double Ledges

    78 - 85 ft.

    Located approximately three nautical miles South-Southeast of the Palm Beach Inlet are two ledges that run north-south. Coral and all types of fish as well as nurse sharks live within the ledges.

  • St. Jacques

    St. Jacques

    80 - 90 ft.

    The ship was sunk in 2002 in 90' of water just 1.5 miles from the Palm Beach Inlet.

  • The Trench / Outfall Trench

    The Trench / Outfall Trench

    50 - 60 ft.

    This reef takes its name from the 15-foot wide trench cut through the middle of the reef to make way for two large trans-atlantic communication cables.

  • Thozina


    80 - 90 ft.

    This 174-foot freighter, which was donated to the Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program, now lies in 90 feet of water along four other ships.

  • Zion Train

    Zion Train

    75 - 90 ft.

    Built in 1962, the 164-foot long Zion Train now rests in 90 feet of water approximately one mile north of the Jupiter Inlet.