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Average Rating: 4.1667
Average Depth: 75 ft.
Max Depth: 90 ft.

    In 1968, the 185-foot Greek Luxury liner Mizpah was sunk to serve as an artificial reef and fish preserve. The wreck lies in a north-south orientation about a mile northeast of the Palm Beach Inlet. The Mizpah lies upright and intact except for a split forward of the upper deck in 90 feet of water.

    Lying next to the Mizpah is PC1170, a 165-foot patrol craft. Some of the largest moray eels on the east coast make their home inside the vessel along with tons of fish, eagle rays, spiny oysters, and soft corals that cover the ship from bow to stern.

    The Mizpah is one of the most entertaining wrecks to penetrate and explore. Before her sinking, all the doors and portholes were removed for divers' safety, leaving her well-exposed to light for the flushing effect of ever-present currents. Consequently, lights are seldom needed when exploring the wreck.

    The Mizpah is a protected fish sanctuary and spearfishing, shell collecting, and lobstering are prohibited.

    Waypoint: MIZPAH Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.7886333333333 -80.0161333333333

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