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The Trench / Outfall Trench

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 3
Average Depth: 50 ft.
Max Depth: 60 ft.

    This unique dive site is located four miles south of the Palm Beach Inlet. Also known as Moray Alley and Outfall Trench, this reef takes its name from the 15-foot wide trench cut through the middle of the reef. Two large trans-atlantic communication cables lie in the trench and a third lies about 50 yards south. The trench features sheer walls eight to ten feet high that lie 55' feet under the water.

    Sheltered from the current, divers can explore all the holes and undercuts for fish and other marine life. At the end of the trench lays piles of rock and an old outfall pipe which are now covered in soft coral and sponges. Though many species of fish congregate near the cables, this site is known for its abundance of moray eels including green, spotted, purplemouth, and goldentail eels.

    Waypoint: TRENCH Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.7053833333333 -80.01705

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