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Zion Train

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.2
Average Depth: 75 ft.
Max Depth: 90 ft.

    Built in Netherlands in 1962, the 164-foot long Zion Train now rests upright on the bottom, facing south in 90 feet of water approximately one mile north of the Jupiter Inlet.

    The Zion Train was first used to move cargo in Europe. In July 1997, while in port on the Miami River with a crew of nine Haitian citizens, five of the ship's crew members were shot and killed by "pirates". Three months later, the ship ran aground off South Beach. Federal marshals later seized the ship for nonpayment of dockage fees and sold it to Schurger Diving & Salvage, Inc. The ship was scuttled June 2nd, 2003.

    Waypoint: ZIONTR Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.96305 -80.00735

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