Crystal Coast / Morehead City Dive Spots

  • Papoose


    90 - 120 ft.

    On the night of March 18, 1942, the Papoose was returning to Corpus Christi when she was struck on her port side by a Torpedo. The ship capsized and sank to the bottom at about 120 feet 30 miles southeast of Morehead City. Today, the ship rests upside dow

  • Spar, U.S.C.G.

    Spar, U.S.C.G.

    75 - 110 ft.

    The 183-foot Coast Guard buoy tender was deployed in June 2004 in the Carteret County Sportfishing Artificial Reef (AR-305). The Spar lies just over 20 miles from the Beaufort Inlet sea buoy, approximately 30 miles offshore of Morehead City.

  • Suloide


    60 - 65 ft.

    On March 26, 1943, the freighter Suloide ran aground on the wreckage of the W.E. Hutton, a tanker sunk just one year earlier by the notorious U-124. The Suloide now lies in 65 feet of water southeast or Morehead City.

  • W.E. Hutton

    W.E. Hutton

    60 - 70 ft.

    The W. E. Hutton was a tanker transporting fuel oil from Texas to Pennsylvania. In March of 1942, the German U-124 successfully fired upon and sank the Hutton just south of Morehead City.