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Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 60 ft.
Max Depth: 65 ft.

    The freighter, Suloide, rests about a mile from the W.E. Hutton. On March 26, 1943, as the Suloide steamed past the NC coast with a full load of manganese ore, she ran aground on the wreckage of the tanker, the W.E. Hutton. W.E. Hutton had been sunk just one year earlier by the notorious U-124. A tug responded to the distress call and although the tug was able to pull the Suloide from the wreckage, the heavy load of cargo and water that had filled the holds, quickly dragged the Suloide to the bottom.

    Soon after, the Coast Guard worked to raze both wrecks to prevent further accidents. More than 30 tons of dynamite were used on W.E. Hutton over the next six months. Then the Coast Guard blasted Suloide with 20 tons of dynamite to ensure no further ships would be lost. In May 1944, a wire drag determined the wreckage was at least 40 feet below the water.

    Today the remains of the Suloide are basically a large debris field with a clear perimeter. Some recognizable parts are two boilers, a section of engine, one propeller blade, part of the rudder, and some toilets. Many divers have found some nice artifacts -- especially silverware, portholes, and brass parts.

    Spearfishing is allowed seasonally and flounder are often spotted here. Other frequent visitors are spadefish, sea bass, sheephead, and turtles. Some vibrant coral covers the bow section that points to the south.

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    Degrees 34.5451 -76.895

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