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Zane Grey

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 60 ft.
Max Depth: 80 ft.

    The Zane Grey is one of many Liberty Ships from World War II that have been deployed in artificial reef programs. The Liberty Ships were generally all about 440-feet in length and made of pre-fabricated materials. The ships were quickly assembled in ports around the United States and put to work as cargo carriers with the U.S. Merchant Marine. At least 75% of the cargo transported during World War II was moved by the over 3,000 Liberty ships.

    The Zane Grey was stripped of most of her superstructure and deployed within the Oregon Inlet Reef (AR-160) on December 12, 1974. Oregon Inlet Reef lies four miles southeast from the Oregon Inlet sea buoy. The Zane Grey is in 40 to 60 feet with a maximum depth of 80 feet. Close by is another Liberty ship, Dionysus, which was sunk in 1978.

    Waypoint: ZANGRY Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 35.7302833333333 -75.4461166666667

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