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Average Depth: 95 ft.
Max Depth: 120 ft.

    The Danish freighter, Normannia, served less than thirty years before meeting its demise on the Frying Pan Shoals forty miles offshore of southern North Carolina. On the night of January 16, 1924, the Normannia encountered a fierce southeastern gale. She began to take on water through leaks in her hull. As the engine rooms filled with oily water, the captain issued a distress call. Three ships in the vicinity immediately changed courses to assist the Normannia.

    The first ship to arrive was a passenger liner bound for New York. In the towering waves, the liner could not get closer than a quarter-mile from the stern. The Normannia�s captain sent 19 crewmen and his wife to the liner via a lifeboat. The Captain and a few officers remained on board hoping that daylight would make salvage of the ship possible. Unfortunately, shortly after dawn, the captain and crew were forced to abandon ship. By late morning, only the tip of the bow remained out of the water as the stern dug firmly into the sea bottom.

    Nearly 100 years underwater has left the remains of the Normannia as a large debris field with some very recognizable ship parts. The two boilers stand side-by-side, the engine rises up some five feet, and the stern is somewhat intact. A vibrant ecosystem has developed on and around the Normannia. Grouper, Jacks and a few sharks are often spotted at this spot. Large numbers of Lionfish have bee spotted here as well.

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