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Become a scuba diver, get certified!

Ready to start exploring underwater? Take the Open Water Scuba Certification

Sharpen your scuba skills, continue the underwater adventure!

Already scuba certified, but want to extend your skills? Take the Advanced Open Water Scuba Course 

Explore new dive interests, become an expert!
Become a master of your favorite type of diving, or try a new diving activity through the Specialty Scuba Courses. Perfect your neutral buoyancy, explore shipwrecks, dive at night, learn underwater photography, use dive propulsion vehicles, and more!

Be a safer diver, always be prepared on the water!
You're not the best diver you can be until you can execute problem management during dive emergencies, both major and minor. Take the Rescue Diver Course to learn techniques and stress management in various types of rescue scenarios. A Rescue Diver is a safer diver, and gives you the skillset necessary to help other divers in stress situations too!

Get back into diving, tune up your skills!
Open Water Certified, but feel like you need to brush up on your skills? Get prepared before a big dive trip? Take the Scuba Refresher Course