PADI Open Water Scuba Course 
Begin a lifetime of underwater adventures!


Experience the underwater world like never before when you become an Open Water Scuba Diver. Scuba diving provides you with the skills needed to explore depths up to 60 feet with comfort and excitement. As an open water scuba diver, you'll be able to plan your own underwater excursions with a dive buddy, as well as gain the knowledge on dive theory to perform underwater exploration safely. Your open water scuba certification never expires, and becoming an open water diver opens the door to a whole world of diving activities.

Your Open Water Scuba Course is completed in three parts:
  • Independent Knowledge Development of basic dive principles: This will introduce you to scuba gear, physics of the underwater world, safety practices of scuba diving, and more!
  • Confined Water Diving: You'll learn and practice using scuba gear in a pool setting for five sessions, to become comfortable with using scuba gear in the underwater world
  • Open Water Diving: Four dives in an open water environment, perfecting the skills you previously practiced in confined water. 

You can begin your scuba training quickly and conveniently by starting with online scuba concepts training, PADI's eLearning course. This method allows you to learn dive theory on your own schedule, anywhere and at any time you can access the internet. You can start the PADI eLearning portion of the open water scuba course here, with all the learning materials you'll need for continuing your open water scuba training. 

During your PADI open water scuba course, you'll learn skills in a pool setting first to get you comfortable with scuba gear and being underwater. You'll have time to practice your newly learned skills, from mask clearing to maintaining neutral buoyancy underwater. Once you've mastered these skills, you're ready for the open ocean. You'll get to explore the coral reef with your newfound skillset, and experience the underwater world like you've never seen it before. Scuba diving provides you with the opportunity to view marine life up close, and interact with the environment in a way not possible from simply swimming or snorkeling.