Has it been awhile since you've ventured below the surface? Do you want to get back in the water, but need to brush up on your scuba skills? The PADI refresher scuba course is for you! This brief course helps you jump back in the water with an update on the skills and knowledge you may have forgotten from your open water scuba course. Regardless of what you remember or don't, the PADI Refresher Course is an ideal way to boost your confidence when diving, and be comfortable in the sense you have the knowledge necessary to dive safely. Whether you have an upcoming dive excursion and want to feel prepared, or just need a way to get back in the dive scene, the PADI Refresher Course provides you with the skill update you need for total confidence on the water.


The PADI Scuba Refresher Course is quick and easy, and can be completed in convenience with your schedule. You will review scuba concepts and dive theory on your mobile device or computer, then go diving with an instructor for in-water practice. For more information on completing a PADI Refresher Scuba Course, contact the Ocean Divers scuba resort in Key Largo, Florida.